My Bills Gone!  This is a brief introduction to an opportunity for consumers to save money on their energy bills. With Stream Energy you can choose to switch from your current variable rate  (most Incumbent & other Utility company plans) to a variety of fixed rate plans including residential and commercial that will reduce your energy costs. Currently many other companies promise deals that aren’t actually resulting in true savings. Consumers must be aware and educated. Use of the term” introductory rate” does not automatically translate into savings. It is more often a reason to beware. Your starting rate will be one charge  and at the end of the “introductory period” can end up being considerably higher. Stream helps you stay away from Energy Market Value fluctuations, as well as spikes after season changes which are typically times of higher energy use, such as winter and summer. No need to be unnecessarily over charged on a variable or “changing” rate plan during times when  you use more energy.  Stream Energy also offers a host of other services.

To  find your fixed energy rate or to learn more about the  Stream opportunity : Click Here
Stream Energy  has also significantly contributed towards changing the lives of people all over the country through 2 charities:

Cell Phones For Soldiers

With Stream’s mobile services connecting people to loved ones every day, it seemed only right to align with a nonprofit that shared our mission and passion for connecting people. In May 2015, we launched a partnership with Cell Phones For Soldiers, a nonprofit founded in 2004 by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist. The nonprofit provides cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans.

Interested in how we can help you save money?  Please feel free, to browse the website for more information. Please contact the Stream associate who shared this site with you, or Derrick Lewis, Managing Director for Stream Energy for the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Washington DC areas, by visiting  this website Click Here